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    Announcement: Flight1 Tech now has X-Plane compatibility for our GTN 750 and GNS 530/GNS 530 Enterprise products.
                                G1000 Student and GTN 750 are now compatible with P3D version 4.0


Tools for Flight Training and Pilot Proficiency

Our software, hardware, and turn-key systems bridge the gap between basic part-task trainers and advanced full flight simulators.

We fuse high-fidelity avionics simulations with the industry's most realistic visual simulation platforms. We add optional aircraft-specific hardware to create training tools that sit on a desk, but look like they're pulled right out of a cockpit. The result? The same immersive experiences you get in full flight simulators, at a fraction of the cost.


Using our products, pilots can learn and master avionics in the same cognitive environment they're in when actually flying. They learn to manage the avionics while simultaneously managing the challenges of flying the airplane. They become safer, more confident pilots.


But don't take our word for it. See for yourself why pilots, flight schools, universities, airlines, and military organizations around the world rely on Flight1 Tech for their first simulation-based training tools, or to supplement the tools they already use.



If you're a pilot

Our innovative products will help you become a more skilled pilot—and a safer pilot—at a much lower cost than other training options.

If you’re an instructor

Our products are ideally suited for FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) training that focuses on Scenario-Based Training (SBT), Single-Pilot Resource Management (SRM), and Learner-Centered Grading (LCG).


If you're a flight school owner

We can help you build a simulator that’s far more flexible (and in many cases far more effective) than dedicated sims costing tens of thousands of dollars more.

If you're a defense contractor


Flight1Tech can provide a wide range of training solutions, including specialized avionic simulations, UAV simulations, customized scenarios, and more.

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